Return to Harmony is a completed 2014 crossover fanfiction featuring Supernatural and My Bloody Valentine 3D.

It currently has one sequel story and another in the works with an unknown release date.

It takes place during Season Three of Supernatural with a bit of Season Ten thrown in.


  • Aline Peverell
  • Dean Winchester
  • Sam Winchester
  • Tom Hanniger
  • Sarah Mercer
  • Axel Palmer

Story SummaryEdit

With only five months left before Aline and Dean go to Hell, Tom Hanniger asks his cousin Aline to come with him back to Harmony to sell the mine.

Deleted scenes from the movie will be included.

Warnings: My Bloody Valentine 3D spoilers, character death, 10x03 spoilers (epilogue only)

Amazing cover by skylarforthewin.

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