Alanna Brielle Lovato (born June 19, 1977) is an American professional wrestler better known by her ring name Alanna Lovato. She is best known for her stint in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), where she has held the WWE Women's Championship once. Currently, she is working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

Professional wrestling careerEdit

World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (2002-2007)Edit

Debut and Evolution (2002-2005)Edit

Lovato began her WWE career on the May 2, 2002 episode of SmackDown! as a masked woman attacking several Divas backstage, including Azrael Victoria. The week after her attack on Victoria, Victoria challenged Lovato to a Mask vs. Hair Match, which Victoria won. Lovato then began calling herself Lissa Harkness. She aligned herself with Ric Flair and fellow newcomer Dave Batista and helped Batista in his feud with Kane, whom he defeated at Armageddon.

In January 2003, Harkness joined Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, Seras Ride, Azrael Victoria, and Randy Orton to form the villainous stable Evolution. Harkness competed in both singles matches and tag team matches for much of 2003, eventually turning on the group and turning face in the process. She attacked the group multiple times over the next few months. Neither these attacks or her run as a face didn't last long however. On the October 20 episode of RAW, she interfered in a match between Trish Stratus and Lita and “shattering” Stratus's ankle with a chair. After the interference, Evolution came out, and Ride awarded Harkness with the $100,000 briefcase she was holding onto. Triple H entered the ring and held out his hand and Harkness took it, signifying that Harkness was once again a member of Evolution. With this event, she became a heel once again. That same night, it was revealed that Harkness and Victoria were (kayfabe) twin sisters separated at birth. This started multiple times where the pair would switch whenever the other was losing the match.
Lissa & Raea 2003

Azrael (left) with Alanna (right, as Lissa) in 2004

On the November 10 episode of RAW, Stratus defeated Harkness by disqualification when Ride interfered. At Armageddon, Harkness helped Ride to defeat both Stratus and Lita in the Triple Threat Match for the Women's Championship. By the end of the event, five of the seven members of Evolution held all of the championships on RAW, with Triple H winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Ride winning the WWE Women's Championship, Batista and Flair winning the World Tag Team Championships, and Randy Orton winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

At Survivor Series, Ride and Harkness were defeated by Trish Stratus and Azrael Victoria in a Diva's Tag Team match. Throughout the next two months, the relationship between Harkness and Ride began to deteriorate. After a loss to Nidia, Ride verbally insulted Harkness. Harkness teased leaving Evolution that night, but declared that she was still part of the group and that they tricked everyone. Despite this ploy, Harkness began acting more like a fan favorite over the next few weeks in comparison to Evolution's villainous tactics. One particular moment saw both Batista and Harkness express disgust as Triple H, Seras Ride, and Ric Flair boasted about how they had intimidated and/or beat up Jim Ross, Danny Hodge, and Stacy Keibler. Regardless, the two of them continued to show their loyalty to both Triple H, Ride, and Evolution by running down to the ring and assisting them in matches.

As 2005 began, Ride realized the possibility of Harkness becoming a threat to her Women's Championship. Ride suggested that she not enter the Battle Royal, claiming that it would be selfish of her to do so, and to simply focus on helping Ride retain the title. Harkness entered anyway and went on to win the Battle Royal, earning the right to compete at WrestleMania 21 against the Women's Champion. In an attempt to make sure the match didn't happen, Ride concocted a scheme to have Harkness run over by a limousine. Harkness narrowly avoided the oncoming limo. She eventually became aware of the plot while sneakily eavesdropping on fellow Evolution members and signed a contract that made her first title match against Ride official, thus leaving Evolution and officially turning a fan favorite. Harkness initially pretended that she was injured from the limo running over her, unable to compete for the title, giving Ride the “thumbs up,” but turned it into a “thumbs down” before jumping out of her wheelchair and attacking the Champion, still wearing the leg and arm casts. She emphasized her departure by powerbombing Ride through the table used for the contract signing.

Women's Championship reigns, departure, and returns (2005-2007, 2008, 2012)Edit

Harkness won the WWE Women's Championship on April 3 at WrestleMania 21. Harkness won a rematch with Ride for the Women's Championship at Backlash. After Harkness retained her title against Lita, she was betrayed by Ric Flair, who helped Ride viciously attack the champion as Ride challenged Harkness to an Evening Ball Gown match at Vengeance. Harkness won the match at Vengeance, retaining her title yet again.

On June 30, Harkness was revealed as the second to last pick in the 2005 WWE Draft Lottery. Her first match was against Azrael Victoria, which Victoria won by count-out after a vicious DDT to the arena floor. She continued to feud with Victoria until two masked Divas started mysteriously attacking the two of them. They were eventually revealed to be Seras Ride and Lita. Ride's and Lita's attacks led up to a Diva's Tag Team match at Survivor Series, which was won by Victoria and Harkness.

Two weeks later, Victoria defeated Harkness by pinfall. The next day, announced that Harkness broke her left collar bone during her match against Victoria. When she returned from her injury in late 2007, Victoria challenged Harkness to a Contract vs. Career match at No Mercy, where, if Harkness lost, she would leave WWE forever, but, if Victoria lost, Harkness would be able to change Victoria's contract whatever way she wanted. Harkness accepted. At the event, Victoria defeated Harkness via pinfall following a Liplock. To add insult to injury, Victoria punted Lissa in the skull, something that Lovato had asked for in the planning for the match.

She was seen in the crowd at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony the night before WrestleMania XXIV. Before the Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship, she was seen backstage in the same locker room as then-WWE Champion Randy Orton and Victoria. Victoria and Lovato got into an argument that resulted in Lovato slapping Victoria, saying, “I'm done with you.”

The next time Lovato returned to WWE, as part of the agreement between WWE and TNA, was on the 1000th episode of RAW. She had two separate backstage segments: one with Eve Torres & Victoria, and the other with AJ Lee, who she seemed to know.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2007-present)Edit

Debut, Christian's Coalition, The Angle Alliance, & heel turn (2007-2008)Edit

After a hiatus that lasted less than a month, Lovato debuted at TNA's Genesis pay-per-view backstage with Christian Cage before his Ladder match against Kaz. During the match, Lovato sat at commentary and introduced herself as Alanna Lovato. When AJ Styles and Tomko attempted to interfere in the match, Lovato jumped out of the commentary booth and ran towards them. It looked like she was trying to discourage them from interfering in the match, but she nodded and then the three of them argued and distracted Christian, costing him his number one contender's shot, starting her first heel run with the company. Later on that night, they helped then-World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle retain his championship.

Tomko, Styles, and Lovato joined with Kurt and Karen Angle to form The Angle Alliance. Eventually, Christian accepted Angle's invitation to the group on the circumstance that Cage be the leader, but Angle and the rest of the alliance attacked him, with the exception of Styles, Lovato, and Tomko. On December 28, Lovato was in Styles' and Tomko's corner for their tag team match against the Motor City Machine Guns, but Styles and Tomko lost due to Eric Young's attempt to help Styles with his decision problems right in the middle of the match. When they were alone backstage, Lovato asked Styles what was wrong. Styles told her that he was being pressured into deciding whether he would be on Christian's or Angle's team and asked her which she would choose.

Lovato said that she would pick whatever he did. Later on, both Styles and Lovato came down to watch Booker T and Christian Cage take on Kurt Angle and Robert Roode. Styles still couldn't decide before the show went off the air. At Final Resolution, Lovato was once again in Styles' and Tomko's corner for their title defense against Kevin Nash and Samoa Joe, a match Styles and Tomko won. Later on in the night, both Styles and Lovato came down to the ring.

Lovato pulled Karen away from the ring as Styles hugged Cage. Styles then springboarded off the top rope and bashed the back of Cage's head with his forearm. Lovato stopped where she was and ran back down toward Styles with a look of pure anger on her face. Styles turned to face her with a surprised look on his face as Cage started to slowly get up, but Lovato turned away from Styles and kicked Christian in the head, knocking him down again. The next week on Impact!, when Styles was crowned the “Prince of Phenomenal” by Angle, Karen crowned Lovato the “Phenomenal Princess.”

TNA Frontline (2008-2009)Edit

On the February 14 episode of Impact!, Lovato was Karen's maid-of-honor for her storyline marriage to Styles. During this time, Lovato started a feud with The Beautiful People, mocking their entrance every single time she competed during Styles' and Karen's honeymoon over the next several weeks. Their mini-feud ended when Styles quit the Alliance. Angle approached Lovato afterwards and asked her about Styles' relationship with Karen. Lovato vehemently denied the fact that Styles and Karen were seeing each other, saying that Styles and Karen were just friends, and threatened to also quit the Alliance should Angle question her further. Angle then dared her to quit, stating, “You're nothing without us!”

She slapped Angle, quit the Alliance, and rejoined Styles and Karen, turning face in the process. She remained in Styles' corner for the rest of his feud with Angle, which ended after Hard Justice. At Bound for Glory IV, Lovato sat at ringside for Styles' match against Cage and Booker T, which Styles lost. After the match, Booker, Angle, Kevin Nash, and Sting (who had recently turned heel) formed The Main Event Mafia. On the October 23 episode of Impact!, Lovato was in Styles' & Samoa Joe's corner for their match against Sting and Nash, but they came up short after Nash hit Joe with Sting's TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt.

After the match, the Main Event Mafia attacked Styles and Joe after handcuffing Lovato to the ring post. On the October 30 episode of Impact!, Joe, Styles, and Lovato formed a faction of younger wrestlers also featuring Jay Lethal, Consequences Creed, Petey Williams, Eric Young, ODB, and The Motor City Machine Guns, which would later be known as TNA Frontline. Later that night, they were assaulted again by the Main Event Mafia when Scott Steiner returned and joined them. During the feud between the TNA Frontline and the Main Event Mafia, Lovato competed against various Knockouts, but these matches were always interrupted by the Main Event Mafia. She was in the TNA Frontline's corner for the eight-man tag team match against the Main Event Mafia at the Final Resolution PPV, which the TNA Frontline lost.

On the January 29, 2009 episode of Impact!, Lovato was in Styles' corner for his Tables match against Angle, which Styles lost and was (kayfabe) injured. In the weeks leading up to Against All Odds, Angle approached Lovato and invited her to join the Main Event Mafia. He said that Against All Odds was the last day to accept his invitation. At Against All Odds, Lovato was seen backstage speaking to someone who was standing in the shadows. She then approached Angle and said she would give her answer after Booker's defense of the TNA Legends Championship.

Lovato sat ringside for the match, which had Booker retain the belt, but, before Lovato could tell the fans and Angle her decision, Styles returned and attacked Booker. Lovato then entered the ring and asked, “You want my answer, Kurt?” She picked Booker up and connected with Perfect Insanity. Afterwards, both Styles and Lovato quickly exited the ring and stole Booker's Legends belt. Over the next several weeks, Lovato helped Styles sneak attack Booker, which ended once Booker (along with Scott Steiner) goaded them into trying the same in the ring in order to get them (kayfabe) arrested.

At Destination X, Lovato watched as Styles defeated Booker T to become the new TNA Legends Champion and the first TNA Grand Slam Champion. She was in Styles' corner for his “I Quit” match for the TNA Legends title against Booker at Sacrifice, which Styles won when Jenna Morasca threw in the towel on Booker's behalf. At Slammiversary, Lovato was ordered to stay backstage during Styles' King of the Mountain match for the TNA World title, which saw Samoa Joe turn his back on Styles and help Angle win. At Victory Road, despite various distractions by Lovato, Styles lost the Legends Championship to Nash via pinfall. She was in Styles' corner for his “Best of Three Series” against Matt Morgan, which Styles won the first match, but lost the following two, resulting in Morgan advancing to Hard Justice.

TNA Knockouts Champion (2009)Edit

At Hard Justice, Lovato and Styles were seen backstage talking about something, Lovato looking upset. On the August 20 episode of Impact!, both Styles and Lovato came to the ring and Styles announced his retirement because of his recent setbacks, causing Lovato to look away from him, but Sting came out and talked him out of it, saying that he had chosen Styles to carry the torch after him. Lovato entered a Knockouts Battle Royal to determine the number one contender for the TNA Knockouts Championship for the No Surrender PPV, which Lovato won after eliminating Angelina Love. Eventually, Cody Deaner was added to the match, making it a Triple Threat Intergender match. On September 20, 2009, Lovato won the TNA Knockouts Championship after pinning Cody Deaner, her first title with the company.

One month later at Bound for Glory, Lovato retained her title against ODB, Awesome Kong, and Tara. That same night, Styles retained the TNA World title against Sting. At Turning Point, Lovato teamed with then-TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde and Sarita against The Beautiful People in a six-woman tag team match, where the winning team would claim all the championships, a match the three champions won after Lovato pinned Madison Rayne. On the December 10 episode of Impact!, Lovato successfully defended the Knockouts title against Rayne, even with interferences by Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich.

Managing AJ Styles, alliance with Ric Flair, heel turn, face turn, & Fortune (2010-2012)Edit

At Final Resolution, Lovato lost the Knockouts Championship to Tara via pinfall, but she decided not to invoke her rematch clause, stating, “I'll do it when the time is right.” Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' World title defense against Christopher Daniels, a match Styles won. On the January 4, 2010 live three hour Monday night episode of Impact!, Eric Bischoff, now running TNA with Hulk Hogan, ordered Lovato to remain back in the locker room for Styles' title defense against Angle. On the January 14 episode of Impact!, Lovato was sitting ringside for Styles' successful title defense against his former tag partner Tomko. She noticed Ric Flair sitting at commentary.

Flair waved to her, but Lovato looked shocked to see her former mentor. After the match, when Styles was assaulted by Tomko, Angle came to his rescue and offered a handshake, but Styles looked to Flair and instead just exited the ring. He grabbed Lovato by the wrist and forcefully dragged her away from the ring, a look of confusion written on her face as she glanced back at Angle. At Genesis, Lovato was standing in Styles' corner for his title defense against Angle in a Last Chance match, a match Styles won after hitting Angle with the belt while Flair distracted the referee. Lovato entered the ring while Styles and Flair were celebrating the win and almost slapped Flair, looking upset at his interference.

Instead she turned toward Angle, picked him up, and hit him with Empty Dreams. Then she smirked at Flair and hugged him, starting her second heel run with the company. On the January 21, 2010 episode of Impact!, Flair announced that he had aligned himself with Styles and Lovato and would make Styles “the New Nature Boy.” On the same episode, Hulk Hogan announced that due to Flair's interference in the Genesis match, Angle would get his rematch the same night, and, if either Flair or Lovato were to interfere, Styles would be stripped of the title and awarded to Angle. He also added that Lovato was banned from ringside for the match.

Before the match, both Flair and Lovato were seen exiting the referee's locker room. Later, Flair, Styles, and Lovato were seen speaking in low whispers to each other, smirks on their faces. During the match, Lovato watched from backstage as Angle applied the Ankle Lock, his signature move, on Styles. Lovato cheered as Styles reversed it and applied the same move on Angle, when suddenly the referee, Earl Hebner, called for the bell although Angle didn't submit, repeating the Montreal Screwjob. The next week, Flair, Styles, and Lovato were celebrating the win and revealed that Flair had paid off Hebner.

At Against All Odds, Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' title defense against Samoa Joe, which Styles won with help from Flair even though Eric Bischoff was the referee. On the March 8 episode of Impact!, Lovato was in Styles' and Flair's corner for their tag team match against Abyss and Hulk Hogan, which was won by Abyss and Hogan. Afterwards, the returning Jeff Hardy saved Abyss and Hogan from a beatdown at the hands of Flair, Styles, Lovato, and Desmond Wolfe. During this time, Lovato began wearing short dresses and high heels. The following week, even with interferences from Flair and Lovato, Styles was defeated by Hardy in a non-title match. That same night, Hogan announced that Lovato was banned from ringside for Styles' TNA World Heavyweight Championship defense against Abyss at Destination X, which went to a No Contest after Abyss chokeslammed Styles through the ring.

On March 29, 2010, Flair, Styles, and Lovato celebrated as Styles became the longest reigning TNA World Heavyweight Champion in history. The following month at Lockdown, Lovato was sitting at commentary when Styles successfully defended his title against “The Pope” D'Angelo Dinero in a steel cage match. The following day on Impact!, Lovato watched as Styles dropped the World Heavyweight Championship to Rob Van Dam, ending his reign at 211 days. On the May 3 episode of Impact!, Lovato remained backstage when Styles defeated Abyss in a Monster's Ball match, and later in the night, attacked Rob Van Dam after his title match with Desmond Wolfe, announcing he was invoking his rematch clause for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice. Styles ended up once again getting defeated by Van Dam.

Before Styles returned backstage after the match, Flair introduced Lovato to Kazarian, taking him on as his newest protégé. Styles ruined a beatdown of Jay Lethal, Flair's most recent enemy. The next week, he was pinned by Lethal in a three-way match also involving Kazarian. After the match, Flair ordered him to go home and think about his future. He also urged Lovato to go with him and help, which she accepted, worried about her friend.

At Slammiversary VIII, Lovato was in Styles' corner for his match against Lethal, which he lost. On the following episode of Impact!, Flair, who had aligned himself with Desmond Wolfe, Kazarian, Robert Roode, James Storm, Styles, and Lovato, announced that he would reform the Four Horsemen under the new name Fourtune, stating that each of them would have to earn their spots in the group and that in order for Styles to earn his spot, he needed to become the Arn Anderson of the group. After Lovato asked about herself, Flair stated that she had already earned her spot. Flair, wanting peace between Styles and Kazarian, booked them in a tag team match against Samoa Joe and Rob Terry at Victory Road, which Styles and Kazarian were victorious due to outside interference from Desmond Wolfe, earning themselves spots in Fourtune. On July 13 at the tapings of the July 22 episode of Impact!, Styles defeated Terry to win the Global Championship, formerly known as the Legends Championship, for the second time, after some assistance from both Kazarian and Lovato.

The following week, Styles renamed the title to the TNA Television Championship. That same night, Fourtune's lineup was seemingly completed with the addition of Roode and Storm as the final two members of the group. However, Douglas Williams and Matt Morgan were added to the group, as the stable attacked EV 2.0. The following month at No Surrender, Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' successful non-title “I Quit” match against EV 2.0 leader Tommy Dreamer. In the weeks leading up to Bound for Glory, the stable's name was tweaked to Fortune to represent the expansion in the number of members in the group. At Bound for Glory, Lovato was handcuffed to the cage for Fortune's Lethal Lockdown match against Dreamer, Raven, Rhino, Sabu and Stevie Richards of EV 2.0, which Fortune lost when Styles was pinned by Dreamer.

On the following episode of Impact!, Fortune formed an alliance with Hulk Hogan's and Eric Bischoff's new stable, Immortal. At Turning Point, Lovato was the Special Guest Referee for the ten man tag team match between Fortune and EV 2.0, which Fortune won, causing EV 2.0's Sabu to be released from TNA. On the November 18 episode of Impact!, Douglas Williams turned on Fortune, earning a slap and a gutwrench elevated neckbreaker from Lovato. At Final Resolution, Lovato was backstage during Styles' unsuccessful Television Championship defense against Williams. On the December 23 episode of Impact!, Lovato cheered Styles on from ringside as he challenged Williams to a 20 minute Iron Man match for the Television Championship, which ended in a 1-1 draw, which set up another match at Genesis, where, much to Lovato's shock, Styles put his spot in Fortune on the line against Williams' title.

Lovato asked Bischoff and Hogan to make her the Special Guest Referee for the match, which they accepted. However, Styles ended up being forced to pull out of the match after suffering a legitimate hip injury that was expected to sideline him for 6-8 weeks. Lovato remained the Special Guest Referee for the match, and Styles was replaced by Abyss. At Genesis, Styles interfered in the match and cost Williams the title. During this time, Crimson went around saying that “they” were coming.

On January 31 at the tapings of the February 3 episode of Impact!, Fortune turned face by attacking Immortal when they interfered in a TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy. Flair returned at the February 14 tapings of the February 17 episode of Impact!, turning on Fortune by, when Lovato attempted to interfere when Styles was losing during his match with Matt Hardy, stopping Lovato's interference and helping Hardy, thereby jumping to Immortal. Lovato continued to feud with Flair until the March 31 episode of Impact!, where Christopher Daniels made his return to TNA. She then returned to manage Styles when he made his return April 17 at Lockdown. From Destination X to the January 5, 2012 episode of Impact Wrestling, Lovato attempted to keep Fortune together, despite the growing feud between Styles and Daniels and Roode's new attitude after winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Storm after hitting Storm with a beer bottle. On the January 5 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kazarian abandoned Styles during the final match against Magnus and Samoa Joe in the Wild Card Tournament, much to Lovato's disbelief.

Feud with Daniels & Kazarian (2012)Edit

From the February 9 to the May 10 episodes of Impact Wrestling, Lovato refused to believe Fortune was over. She had repeatedly tried to mend the relationship between Styles, Kazarian, and Daniels until, on the May 10 episode of Impact Wrestling, Kazarian revealed that he originally aligned himself with Daniels to keep him from revealing Styles' secret, but he had changed his mind after learning what the secret was. Lovato charged down the ramp, asking the pair what the “so called secret” was. Daniels then showed a series of photographs that insinuated a relationship between Styles and TNA president Dixie Carter. Backstage later on in the night, Styles and Lovato were seen talking about something, Styles looking reluctant to give her answers. Three days later at Sacrifice, Lovato was in Styles' corner for his match against Kurt Angle, a match Styles won after an interference from Daniels and Kazarian. Eventually, Daniels and Kazarian, after Lovato vehemently denied the fact that Styles and Carter were having an affair, said that she had paired them together, despite only knowing Styles and Carter for five years.

On the June 21 episode of Impact Wrestling, Carter, Styles, and Lovato revealed their secret; Styles and Carter weren't having an affair, but were instead together helping an addicted pregnant woman named Claire Lynch overcome her problems. After regaining the TNA World Tag Team Championship from Styles and Angle, Daniels admitted that the trio had told the truth about Claire, but he added that they had left out one fact: Styles was the father of Claire's unborn baby. At Destination X, Lovato was sitting at commentary during Styles' Last Man Standing match against Daniels, a match Styles won after giving Daniels the Styles Clash through a table from the top of the entrance ramp. While Styles was in Australia and New Zealand, Lovato interrupted Claire's baby shower (that was put together by Daniels and Kazarian) and gave Claire a Christopher Daniels action figure. She then smirked at Daniels and Kazarian. Then she exited the ring and skipped backstage. On the August 16 episode of Impact Wrestling, Lovato sat ringside for Styles' Bound for Glory Series match against Daniels where, if Styles lost, he would admit he was the father of Claire's baby, but, if Daniels lost, Styles would take a paternity test to see if he actually was the father.

The following week, Claire's attorney came out and revealed that Claire wasn't pregnant after all. She also revealed that the whole thing was a plot concocted by Daniels and Kazarian to blackmail Styles, effectively ending the storyline. During the Impact Wrestling Post-Show, Lovato revealed that she had wanted to hug Claire's attorney after revealing the truth. On the August 30 episode of Impact Wrestling, Lovato was in Styles' corner for his final match in the 2012 Bound for Glory Series. Styles lost to Samoa Joe, causing him to get eliminated from the tournament. On September 9 at No Surrender, Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' and Angle's match against the self-proclaimed “World Tag Team Champions of the World” Daniels and Kazarian, which Styles and Angle lost. Four days later on Impact Wrestling, with Lovato sitting at ringside, Styles defeated Kazarian in a grudge match to earn himself and Angle another shot at the TNA World Tag Team Championship.

The next week, Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' and Angle's Open Fight Night challenge against Chavo Guerrero Jr. and Hernandez to find out who would face Daniels and Kazarian for the tag titles at Bound for Glory. Before Styles could hit the Styles Clash, the champions attacked Styles and Guerrero. Lovato grabbed the chair she was sitting on and ran into the ring, followed closely behind by Hernandez. This caused Daniels and Kazarian to quickly exit the ring. Hulk Hogan then came out and announced that Styles & Angle would face Guerrero & Hernandez and Daniels & Kazarian in a Triple Threat tag team match for the TNA World Tag Team Championship at Bound for Glory.

Alliance with Aces & Eights, First Lady of Aces & Eights, Knockouts Champion, & heel turn (2012-present)Edit

During those months, multiple wrestlers, including Sting and Hogan, were being attacked by a group that called themselves Aces & Eights, injuring D'Angelo Dinero, Jeff Hardy, and then-TNA World Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. They even sent warnings to Sting, Hogan, and Hogan's daughter Brooke. In the weeks leading up to Bound for Glory, Lovato was seen reading text messages on her phone and talking to herself. Three weeks before Bound for Glory, Lovato helped bring Sting and Hogan to the Aces & Eights' hideout. During Sting's and Hogan's conversation with the leader of the gang, Lovato stood to his right, a sad look on her face as the leader suggested a tag team match at Bound for Glory. The leader of the gang also stated repeatedly that Hogan couldn't be part of the match. Hogan accepted and Sting stated he would be one of the competitors representing TNA. In the post-show, Jeremy Borash asked Lovato for the reason why she joined Aces & Eights, but she avoided the question.

The next week, she started wearing suits, stating that she was the messenger for Aces & Eights and that the leader had picked them out for her. That night, she revealed that she owed a favor to the leader of Aces & Eights and left it at that. That same night, Hogan and Sting chose Bully Ray to be Sting's tag team partner. The episode of Impact Wrestling before Bound for Glory, Lovato reluctantly announced that Aces & Eights had named her the Special Guest Referee for the match. In the Countdown to Bound for Glory special, Hogan announced that, since Aces & Eights added Lovato as the Special Guest Referee, the match would have no disqualifications.

At Bound for Glory, Lovato, in her referee gear, accompanied Styles and Angle to the ring for the Triple Threat tag team match for the World Tag Team titles, which Guerrero and Hernandez ended up winning. Later on in the night during the No Disqualification tag team bout, one other member of Aces & Eights interfered, but Joseph Park, who was handcuffed at ringside, beat him out of the ring. As Bully Ray went to get a table, Lovato gave Sting a low blow and pushed him out of the ring. The Aces & Eights member picked Bully Ray up.

Lovato then shouted something while pointing at the table. Then Bully Ray was slammed into the table. The Aces & Eights gangster that was involved in the match pinned Bully, Lovato counting the pin and motioning for the bell. Hogan then stomped out to the ring, fighting off gangsters left and right. Lovato and the final gangster attempted to run away, but Hogan caught up with them and ripped off the gangster's mask to reveal that it was Devon. The pair then laughed at Hogan, Ray, and Sting. Eventually, they left with Aces & Eights on Devon's motorcycle. This began her third heel run with the company.

Four days later on Impact, Lovato, now wearing an Aces & Eights kutte, told the fans that there were two people who were responsible for her joining Aces & Eights, but she refused to reveal who they were. On the October 25 Impact before Devon threw the dart to choose their next “victim”, Lovato reminded the group that there was one person she refused to help attack. This “victim” would later be revealed to be Kurt Angle. Angle would also be revealed to be not the person Lovato refused to attack, as she would join in on the attack. On November 1, Lovato was seen backstage on the phone with someone until Devon came to get her for his match against Bully Ray, a match that ended in a brawl between Aces & Eights and the TNA locker room. Lovato quickly ran away, occasionally glancing back at the brawl.

On the November 8 Impact, Lovato sat at the top of the entrance ramp, watching the match between Styles and Bobby Roode. At the end of the match, Lovato attacked Roode, but she left Styles alone and left the ring without a backward glance, confusing Styles. Later on that night, Lovato received a phone call from Styles, with Styles asking why. Lovato answered that all would be revealed at Turning Point. On November 11 at Turning Point, Lovato came out and stated that she joined Aces & Eights because of Daniels and Kazarian, leaving it at that.

Later on in the night, Lovato sat at the top of the entrance ramp for Styles' Triple Threat match against Roode and James Storm, a match Storm won after pinning Styles. Lovato then entered the ring and attacked Roode. She began to go after Storm, but Styles held her back. Lovato locked eyes with Styles and asked him why, but Styles didn't answer. Instead, he helped her get backstage. Lovato wasn't seen until the November 15th episode of Impact, helping Aces & Eights attack Magnus. On the December 6 episode of Impact, Lovato distracted the referee as DOC attacked Samoa Joe during Devon's TV title match. Later on that night, Lovato helped Aces & Eights attack Angle and Jeff Hardy after being paid to do so by Bobby Roode.

At Final Resolution, Lovato accompanied Styles for his match against Daniels after being banned from Aces & Eights' match against Angle, Wes Brisco, and Garrett Bischoff, a match Styles lost. On the December 27 episode of Impact Wrestling, Lovato flirted with Mr. Anderson, who was offered membership to the club. Anderson accepted that offer on the January 3, 2013 episode. Later that night, Lovato stood at ringside for Aces & Eights' tag team cage match against Angle and Joe, which turned into a handicap match for a while after both DOC and Lovato attacked Angle before he could enter the cage. Afterwards, Lovato watched from outside the cage as Sting returned and fought off Aces & Eights with his baseball bat, and Angle unmasked Devon's tag team partner, revealing him as Mike Knox.

At Genesis, Lovato was banned from ringside for all three of Aces & Eights' matches. On the January 17 episode of Impact, Lovato, along with Aces & Eights, crashed Bully Ray & Brooke Hogan's wedding and attacked Bully, Hulk Hogan, and two of Bully's groomsmen after Bully's best man, Taz, revealed himself as the newest member. Lovato helped beat down Bully, Hogan, and Sting, as DOC and Knox held Brooke and forced her to watch. On the January 24 Championship Thursday edition of Impact, Lovato called Brooke and forced her to give Lovato a Knockout's Championship match against Tara in two weeks, showing how much Lovato had changed since Bound for Glory the year before. Lovato's change was even more clear while she was on commentary during the World Heavyweight Championship match between Hardy and Daniels, but she still didn't support Daniels. When Mike Tenay told her that he thought he knew her, Lovato stated that, “You don't know me” and stated that only Aces & Eights knew her. Todd Keneley asked her if Styles knew her.

Lovato answered that it was none of his business and to focus on his job, clearly angered by his question. Taz told her that “now's not the time” and to “save it for next week” and put his hand on her, instantly calming her down and resting her head on his shoulder. In the Impact Wrestling Post-Show, Jeremy Borash interviewed the pair after they interrupted his introduction, Lovato laughing about what Aces & Eights had done to Jeff Hardy. Lovato stated that she was starting to see that Hardy didn't care about anyone but himself, exactly how Taz described him during the World title match. Borash asked what was wrong with her, adding that Lovato used to be a great person to hang out with.

Lovato said that there was nothing wrong with her. She added that the person she was before wasn't the real her, just someone everybody in the company wanted her to be. Lovato also stated that Aces & Eights told her that she didn't have to be that person anymore, that she could be herself, and she took that opportunity without even realizing it was another part of what she originally wanted.

When asked what that other part was, Lovato ignored the question and, after stating she didn't want to hear anymore questions, she left with Taz, a smirk clear on his face. At the first Open Fight Night of the year, Lovato, Brooke Hogan, and Taz signed Lovato's new contract, Lovato reading it with a smirk on her face. At the tapings for the February 7, 2013 episode of Impact, Lovato revealed that Taz was her mentor. She then defeated Knockout's Champion Tara by submission to win her second Knockout's Championship, using Taz's Tazmission submission maneuver. After the match, Tara went to attack her in retaliation for the loss, but Lovato revealed that no one on the roster could touch her, directing the statement to Bully Ray. On the Valentine's Day episode of Impact, Brooke made a Five-Way elimination match for the Knockout's Championship also involving Miss Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Gail Kim, & Tara, but Lovato changed it to a Four-Way Elimination match, where the winner would face her at Lockdown. Later on in the night, while Aces & Eights attempted to attack Hogan while he announced his decision on who would face then-World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy at Lockdown, Ray came out with an equalizer and held off the group, causing Aces & Eights to back off. As Sting came out with three bats, Lovato was handed two things by one of the still-masked members of Aces & Eights. She then rammed the two objects into Hogan's and Sting's knees, revealing them to be ball peen hammers. She did the same thing to Ray.

The next week, Lovato sat ringside for the Four-Way Elimination match, which Velvet Sky won after pinning Gail Kim. Lovato attacked Sky after the match, stating that she'll see her at Lockdown. On the February 28 episode of Impact, Lovato was seen in the clubhouse talking to someone on the phone before Angle came and unmasked the VP of Aces & Eights, which was revealed to be D'Lo Brown on the March 3 episode of Impact. On that same episode, Lovato, with Taz by her side, teamed up with Daniels and Kazarian in a winning effort against Chavo Guerrero, Jr., Hernandez, and Velvet Sky via submission after Sky tapped out to the Tazmission. After the match, Lovato shook Daniels' hand and then took him down with Perfect Insanity. She took Kazarian down with a spear to show that she still hated the duo.

At Lockdown, Lovato retained the Knockout's Championship against Velvet Sky following Perfect Insanity. She accompanied Aces & Eights to the ring for their Lethal Lockdown match against Team TNA, a match the Aces & Eights lost. Lovato was also one of the members of Aces & Eights to come down to the ring during the World Title match involving Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray. This action led to Devon throwing a hammer to Ray. Ray hit Hardy in the back and pinned him, earning looks of disbelief from Hogan and Brooke. He told Brooke that he screwed her, he told Hogan that he used him. He told the fans that he fooled them. He grabbed Lovato by the wrist, dragged her to the same side that Hogan and Brooke were on, pushed her into the cage wall, and kissed her. After they let go a few minutes later, he told her he was back. Lovato smirked and welcomed him back. Then, Ray said that he was the president of Aces & Eights and the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. In the episodes of Impact following Lockdown, Lovato attempted to get the recently-returned Styles to join Aces & Eights, even telling him the reason she joined in the first place.

It looked as if she was successful on the May 23 episode when Styles drank beer with Ray, put on the kutte, and attacked Angle's knee with a hammer given to him by Ray, but he attacked DOC, Knux, and Garrett Bischoff, causing Lovato to break down in front of Styles. The next week, she seemed to be fine, revealing the full reason for her joining Aces & Eights, in a three-part video package, which was to protect Styles. She accompanied Anderson to the ring for his match against Styles, which was interrupted by an attack from Angle.

Lovato successfully defended the Knockouts Championship against Velvet Sky at Slammiversary, attacking Sky with her chain and putting her through a table after the match. She sat at commentary for Styles' match against Angle, which Styles lost. After the match, Lovato attacked Angle. Then, she and Styles looked at each other, causing Lovato to attack him. After, Lovato snapped out of it and appeared shocked at what she had done, quickly leaving the ring and not coming back out until Ray's successful No Holds Barred title defense against Sting.

Lovato sat at commentary for Styles' match against Angle, which Styles lost. After the match, Lovato attacked Angle. Then, she and Styles looked at each other, causing Lovato to attack him. After, Lovato snapped out of it and appeared shocked at what she had done, quickly leaving the ring and not coming back out until Ray's successful No Holds Barred title defense against Sting. From that point on, when she came out for Styles' Bound for Glory Series matches, she handcuffed herself to the bottom rope, giving Taz the key.

For the vote for new VP of Aces & Eights, Lovato did not vote. At the SpikeTV live showing of Destination X, it was revealed that Lovato would be defending the Knockouts Championship against Knockouts Ladder match winner Gail Kim. The two had a backstage segment with Lovato congratulating Kim on her victory and boldly saying that she would lose. Later on, she accompanied Ray for his World title match against former X-Division Champion Chris Sabin, a match Sabin won after using a hammer introduced into the match by Devon. Lovato would beat Kim the next week via Tazzmission, retaining the title.

Departure from Aces & Eights and face turn (2013-present)Edit

On September 12 at the Impact Wrestling taping for September 19, Lovato lost the Knockout's Championship to ODB. Afterwards, Bully Ray forced her to hand her kutte to him, essentially kicking her out of Aces & Eights, but she didn't, instead walking away from him without saying a word. The week following her loss, she used her rematch clause and failed in recapturing the title, ODB winning via pinfall. After the number one contender's match between Brooke and Velvet Sky, Lovato attacked Brooke backstage with a chain, turning face in the process. The next week, she brought her kutte out with her to the ring and stated that she was done with Aces & Eights, ending with dropping the kutte and stepping on it.

She was attacked by Brooke before she left the ring, Lovato coming out on top with the Tazmission. On the September 26 episode of Impact, she was seen backstage talking with AJ Styles, ending with the two of them hugging. Later on that night, when Hogan called Styles out, both Styles and Lovato came out, showing that they were together as a team again.

Personal lifeEdit

Lovato is friends with Azrael Victoria, Randy Orton, John Cena, Kurt Angle, Allen Jones (who wrestles under the name AJ Styles), Daniel Covell (Christopher Daniels), Frankie Kazarian, Peter Senerchia (Taz), Steve Borden (Sting), Brooke Adams (Miss Tessmacher), and many others. She has stated in several interviews that it was Angle's idea that she come to Impact Wrestling a few months after her last WWE match against Victoria. She is also an avid video game player, blaming Jones for it.

Lovato is the youngest of three girls and the only one in her family wrestling as she stated in an interview before leaving WWE. Megan, her oldest sister, is a doctor. Daphne, her middle sister, is currently in college getting a degree in fashion. Daphne has created most of the outfits Lovato has worn since her wrestling debut.

Lovato has cited Sting, Trish Stratus, Lita, Stacy Keibler, Molly Holly, Ric Flair, Triple H, The Hardy Boyz, Eddie Guerrero, Taz, Sting, and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase as her influences and inspirations. On August 1, 2012, it was rumored that a DVD compilation would be released by TNA as a biography of her. This was confirmed at No Surrender, where they showed a trailer of the DVD, called From Ordinary Girl to Phenomenal Princess: The Best of Alanna Lovato. The DVD is rumored to cover Lovato's life and include what she did during her hiatus and matches that she handpicked herself. What is confirmed are interviews from Ric Flair, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Lovato's family, Kurt Angle, and many others. The DVD will follow Lovato from the day Aces & Eights challenged Hogan to a match at Bound for Glory to Bound for Glory.

Video gamesEdit

Lovato's first appearance in a WWE video game was RAW 2. Since then, she has appeared in every single WWE video game. From SmackDown vs RAW 2009 to WWE '12, Lovato (as Lissa Harkness) was an unlockable character. At WWE's SummerSlam Axxess 2012, Lovato was confirmed as a playable character for WWE '13.

In wrestlingEdit

Finishing movesEdit

  • Frog splash (adopted from Eddie Guerrero; continued using the move in his honor) – 2003-present

As Lissa HarknessEdit

  • The Catch (DDT from the top rope) – 2002-2006

As Alanna LovatoEdit

  • Empty Dreams (Belly-to-back inverted mat slam) – 2008-present
  • Beautiful Nightmare (DDT from the top rope) – 2009-present
  • Gutwrench elevated neckbreaker – 2008-present
  • Tazmission (Half nelson choke with bodyscissors; adopted off Taz) – 2013-present

Signature movesEdit

  • Spear – 2002-present
  • Superkick – 2002-present

As Lissa HarknessEdit

  • Spinebuster – 2002-2007

As Alanna LovatoEdit

  • Pelé kick – 2009-present
  • Enziguri – 2010-present
  • Perfect Insanity (inverted headlock backbreaker) – 2008-present

Wrestlers managedEdit

  • Triple H
  • Batista
  • Randy Orton
  • Ric Flair
  • Azrael Victoria
  • AJ Styles
  • Karen Jarrett
  • Tomko
  • Christian Cage
  • Frankie Kazarian
  • Christopher Daniels
  • Beer Money, Inc.
  • Devon
  • Bully Ray


  • Azrael Victoria
  • AJ Styles
  • Taz


  • Evolution
  • Fortune
  • Immortal
  • Aces & Eights (patched in on October 14, 2012)


  • The Phenomenal Princess
  • The Knockout Phenomenon
  • The First Lady of Aces & Eights

Entrance themesEdit

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)Edit
  • “Evolve” by Jim Johnston (used as part of Evolution; 2003)
  • “Line in the Sand” by Motörhead (used as part of Evolution; 2003-2005)
  • “Through the Fire & Flames” by Dragon Force (singles career; 2005-2007)
Total Nonstop Action WrestlingEdit
  • “Take Over” by Dale Oliver (November 11, 2007)
  • “Falling Down” by Rev Theory (singles competition; 2008-2012)
  • “The Bottom” by Staind (October 14, 2012-present)
  • Get Ready to Fly” by GRITS (2009, 2012-2013)
  • “My World (Remix)” by Dale Oliver (2011)
  • “Unstoppable” by Dale Oliver (2011)
  • “I Am I Am (AJ Styles '11 Remix)” by Dale Oliver (2012)
  • “Deadman's Hand (Instrumental)” by Dale Oliver (2012-2013)

Championships and accomplishmentsEdit

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)Edit
  • WWE Women's Champion (1 time)
Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA)Edit
  • TNA Knockouts Championship (2 times)

Other notesEdit


In Wrestling: Nikki Bella

In Pictures: Nikki Bella, Jenna Louise Coleman

Status: Active

Twitter Account: @PhenomenalLanna